How to Avoid Food Waste

How to avoid food waste may seem out of reach for those starting their system. However, preventing contributing to the hundreds of pounds of food waste just from your household alone yearly is easy to be done. Food waste is becoming a massive concern across the world. The best way to practice how to avoid food waste is not only the ever-growing dumpster diving which has been successful for most exercisers; there’s too the following opportunities to conserve food and money.

How to Avoid Food Waste

1. Leftovers your dinner shouldn’t be one and done. If you’re unable to finish your feast, keep the remainder for the next day. It’s a great way to avoid food waste and save money.
2. Proper storage your hardy herbs and tender herbs can’t be stored the same as one will wilt and rotten faster than the other. Hardy herbs can indeed be stored in a resealable bag when dry and adequately sealed. The more frail herbs should be stored in a jar with just an inch of fresh water before transferred without a lid. However, the cup should have a cover such as a plastic sandwich bag or saran wrap tight along the lip and edge of the container without damaging the herbs inside.
3. Compost food straps are an excellent fertilizer. On a residential scale, it’s sunk merely a few inches below a raised-bed garden for the worms to feed on. Keep a natural nutrient-rich soil by simply storing the straps in a compost box that’s airtight before tossing into the ground.

4. Broth with your leftover veggies you can make a great base for your next sauce. So clean, clip, and peel those nearly expired veggies to toss in a stock pot of water then bring it to boil. I recommend freezing it for later use after the water is good and flavorful which will take about an hour.
5. Slop eww… this is my least preferred way to conserve food but food slop is a hodgepodge of foods, and only a brave soul will tackle this food waste escape method.
6. Spoiler Alert App check it out. I’ve yet to use it, but apparently, it’s a food saver.

steps easy as 1-2-3….

7. Weekly shopping only useful when you’ve meal planned but of course, stick to buying those kitchen staples like 1 pound of deli meat for the family and juices.
8. Treat the Pets two words, dog food.
9. Freeze fruit keep turning fruit to place in a smoothie bag for fruit past prime. Hell you can even freeze bread. I place my Ezekiel Bread in the freezer and thaw it as needed. It maintains freshness long after expiration this method.
10. Menu Planning leftovers can become a variety of rollover meals. Chicken breasts can become chicken pasta, chicken salad, then chicken sandwiches.
11. Kitchen gadgets and accessories this is a great aid. Take a look at a few good options:

how to avoid food waste


12. Smorgasbord night don’t discard that food. Serve the food in those plastic storage containers family style. It’s the best way to clean out the contents and avoid food waste.
14. Debone get all the meat off those bones! Slide on those gloves and rip off the meat stuck to the bone. Before you know it, you’d had preserved enough for another meal or two.

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