Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta Cookie Cookout & Ideas

Can you believe we’re just days into Summer yet it already feels like the dog days of summer has begun? The days are shooting by and before you know it it’ll be Winter, and everyone knows the best part about Winter are cookies, the Girl Scouts Cookies. I’m not rushing the adorable scouts as they enjoy the day and sleepaway camps, but as we speak, they’re learning developmental skills like character building, leadership, and self-confidence to win our hearts over to box 20 boxes instead of 2 of those Tagalongs. By the way, I’m guilty of buying large, and my stash is running low.

The Great Cookie Cookout

It’s great to support the cookie program during its 6-8 weeks stint as it’s the premier entrepreneurship opportunity for the girls. The Girl Scouts of Atlanta events partner is Culinary Local who supports the go-getter, innovator, risk-taker, leader efforts. Culinary Local promoted the leading non-profit for The Great Cookie Cookout hosted by The Big Green Egg where six Girl Scouts affiliates and chefs created recipes for a cause. The ticket proceeds went towards do-good within the organization.

If you’re still munching on your cookies here are some recipes from The Great Cookie Cookout archives you will enjoy especially accompanying the summer day haze and chill night like while enjoying your fire pit or at the family picnic. It’ll hold you over for the next six months but who’s counting not me.

Girl Scout Cookies Cooking Ideas

Tagalongs are peanut butter patties with a chocolate coating. Can you believe someone came up with the idea to make it better and add it to a cake, eek! That’s a happy shriek!

Samoas are toasted coconuts and chocolate bottom and drizzle on the top. Someone perfected the doughnut and made it a samoa flavor.

Puppy chow the best way possible is thin mint flavor, mmm.

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