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netflix and thrillNetflix and Thrill is not to be confused with Netflix and Chill. The thrill portion is dedicated to my like-minded people out there, the thriller lovers and B-Horror movie lovers. Although I haven’t figured it out yet, somehow we make the world go round. We also keep Netflix original because our binge habits are grave. I’m looking out for my horror movie lovers with a compiled list of must-see or revisit Halloween movies. Now, if you’re not a thrill-seeker (thriller watcher) you’re in an “other” category, but lucky you this list isn’t heavy. You can hang with us this round. Get your ghoulish goodies, comfy blanket and sit tight on the couch with the laptop. Flipping through this program is going to be head spinning.

Netflix and Thrill

Hush, If you’re a fan of a little home in the middle of nowhere with self-reliance and rescue involved. Here you go!

The Babadock, I didn’t see this middle and ending coming! Well-done!

VHS & VHS II, my boyfriend hates that I live for these scary, short stories. It’s not scary enough for him so he says. The truth is it’s too scary for him. These movies are the horror classics of our time.

Human Centipede, it goes there… I heard this is based on a true sorry. I researched and the story isn’t true but the experiments actually took place many years ago. Ouch!

The Taking of Deborah Logan, OMG! Spooky ending!

Holidays, Short stories of people’s twisted experiences. I almost didn’t finish!

Curse of Chucky, psycho human transferred to a beloved doll. Classic!

Nightcrawler, Not so much scary but surely a thriller and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Big Trouble in Little China, Throwback, twisted b horror. Love it!

I didn’t spoil any of the movies in case it’s your first time watching. If you want to lighten the mood, watch my childhood favorite Hocus Pocus. Call me basic but it is a cool movie. I’ll never watch it again since I’ve seen it a half dozen times. Stay creepy!

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