Why Do Couples Need A Family Lawyer?

Why do couples need a family lawyer? It’s not a bad idea. You never want to be caught in a storm without provisions and a solid contingency plan. Having a lawyer is like having an emergency plan for your life and all legal matters.

Life has its ups and downs, its peaks and valleys, and its ebbs and flows, but however you describe it, there is one constant – you hardly ever know what is going to happen next. Every twist and turn life throws at you is riddled with unexpected surprises, some good, and others not so much. Life’s unpredictability can make things exciting and simultaneously scary, but it is better to be prepared for things that never happen than to have something happen for which you are not ready. A perfect example of this is a hurricane or bad thunderstorm. When the weatherman mentions a storm is brewing, you might take shelter, have candles, flashlights, water, and a radio handy. You probably have a contingency plan to go to the lowest portion of your home and take shelter in a windowless space. In hindsight, nine times out of ten you will take those precautions and experience little to no actual danger. However, for the one time when danger is eminent, you will be glad you are properly prepared.

Why Do Couples Need A Family Lawyer?

Having a lawyer in your corner can be similar. You may not need to seek their counsel often, but when you do need it, you will be glad you took the time to find someone you trust to advise you through some of life’s most tumultuous moments. Many people have a misconception that seeking legal counsel means you have done something illegal which is not necessarily true. There are many times throughout life when a lawyer’s services are needed. Here are four examples of life-changing moments when couples might want to seek the guidance of a well-versed attorney:

Prenuptial Agreement – Entering into marriage means the combining of everything from hearts and homes to families and finances. Using a prenuptial agreement to outline what each person brings to the relationship before getting married ensures no one can walk away from the marriage and take premarital assets which do not belong to them. Couples can also dictate how shared assets, acquired after they enter into marriage, are distributed between the two parties.   

Consult a lawyer before walking down the aisle to make sure you have a buttoned-up prenuptial agreement and living will.

Adoption – Growing a family is an exciting time, and if you choose to do so through adoption you will be faced with a pantheon of paperwork. Navigating the adoption landscape can be painstaking regarding to details and timelines, so trust an attorney to walk you through the entire process.

Drafting Living Wills – No one escapes this life without confronting its finality. Having a living will in place safeguards your desires and wishes for all personal assets after your passing. It will inform family members and friends of how you want your property distributed among the living. A living will also give you the opportunity to provide burial direction and instruction in case of emergency hospitalizations.

Divorce or Legal Separation – When a marriage unfolds, for whatever reason, the legal proceedings can be termagant, especially if there is no prenuptial agreement in place to streamline the distribution of assets and custody of children and pets. In most cases, an attorney is needed to help litigants understand their rights.

Family Lawyer You Can Trust

Whenever you need an attorney make sure you are consulting someone you trust and who has a proven track record of success, integrity, and a high level of legal aptitude. If you are in the state of Georgia, look no further than Jody L. Sellers and The Sellers Law Firm. The Sellers Law Firm is located in Griffin, Georgia and they have been practicing criminal and family law since its inception. The law firm’s motto is, “where clients become family” and they take those words to heart when they enter the office each day. They believe each client and every case deserves to be handled with dedication, compassion, and unwavering integrity.

Mr. Sellers has a resume of success, not only as a lawyer but also as a student. He graduated from the University of Georgia where he was cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. Later, Mr. Sellers went on to Mercer University, Walter F. George School of Law where he was named the Senior Managing Editor of the Mercer Law Review, he was a staff writer for the Mercer Law Free Press, and the Vice-President of the Legal Aid and Volunteer Association. When he graduated from law school and earned his Juris Doctor, Mr. Sellers did so as cum laude with honors. Adding to his accolades and in recognition of his expertise, he was awarded the Custer-Tuggle Award of Excellence in Family Law from the Georgia Chapter of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. Now Mr. Sellers is a member of The Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys, The Criminal Trial Lawyers Association, and The American Association of Justice.

Source: thesellerslawfirm.com

As a practicing attorney in the state of Georgia, Mr. Sellers is in good standing with the Georgia Bar Association, and he is licensed and admitted to practice law anywhere in the state, and when necessary he will travel to meet the needs of his clients. If you are in a committed relationship, consider seeking the guidance and legal advice of Mr. Sellers for each step of your marriage from prenup to living will.

Disclosure: This post is a paid sponsorship courtesy of The Sellers Law Firm.

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  1. It’s interesting that you talked about how a lawyer will be able to set up a prenup with you. I’m going to be married soon, and I wasn’t sure how to get a prenuptial agreement. I can see how it would be good to find a lawyer soon, in case things go wrong in the marriage.

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