5 Great Wall Decor Ideas For Small Apartments

These great wall decor ideas for small apartments are going to totally change how your new apartment looks and feels.  So often, we get encumbered with the inability to make an apartment truly our own.  With a few simple things, you can easily make a spectacular look that opens up your new home with your personality.

5 Great Wall Decor Ideas For Small Apartments

Use mirrors throughout.  Mirrors hanging on the walls in your small apartment can make a huge difference in how large a room feels.  I love the concept of a larger mirror on one wall of a living space.  This opens things up and makes it feel much larger and open.  A wall of several small but uniquely designed mirrors with ornate frames is another fun and unique option.  If you use a statement color to paint the frames on some of the frames, it can really bring a fun and classy look together.

Hang a tapestry.  Many people love the idea of a statement wall, but when aparment living you aren’t always free to paint as you would wish.  Instead of taking that risk, install a curtain rod on an empty wall to hang fabic, a tapestry piece or even a classic old handmade quilt.  This kind of wall decor can really be personalized to fit your design loves, past sentimental items or quirky personality.

Use vinyl lettering to give personalization to a room.  In recent years, you may have noticed a unique and inexpensive trend in wall decor of quotes or images made from vinyl.  These hange easily and remove easily from almost any surface.  You an create your own using a vinyl cutting machine, or purchase one of thousands of quotes or image designs on Amazon that suit you and your family.  There are amazing options from scripture for a religious individual to butterflies and flowers for a whimsical outdoor feel in your kitchen nook.

Hang objects instead of just images.  I already mentioned a unique wall decor idea using various types of mirrors on a single wall.  This is a great and fun concept that can really work great in a small space.  Some people hang unique objects that are similar in one single area to create a fun and unique type of artwork that isn’t just a basic picture on a wall.  Things like crosses, seas shells, oversized kitchen utensils and similar are commonly used in this method.

Use fresh greenery.  This may some unusual to some, but it works wonderfully in a small apartment to really make it feel open and fresh.  A wall sconce filled with fresh flowers or fresh cut greens during the holiday season can be placed around images and decor to create a pop of color and freshness that really opens up a small apartment and makes it more homelike.

Creating a beautiful home in a small apartment is easy when you add in some of these great wall decor ideas.  Whether you want to make the rooms feel larger, or simply want a pop of color you have some great options in this list.  Bring in your favorite colors, textures and designs to create a home you will love coming home to, even it if is a bit on the small side.

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