7 Organizing Tips For Small Closets

The new year is here and nothing’s better than starting off the year in a functional space. If you live in an older home with a lack of closet space or a small apartment with a wall closet, you’re desperate for organizing tips. Your small closet can be fully utilized with a few tools and add-ons. Avoid buying a wardrobe closet because those pieces can appear dated. A large walk-in closet hasn’t always been a standard in homes or apartments, so making do with smaller space is a must for many people. It’s not impossible with a few simple organizing tips that can save you space and frustration!

7 Organizing Tips For Small Closets

Invest in closet organizing systems. I believe The Container Store is a gift from above! When I think there’s no invention for my minor home issues, I’m always wrong, and it’s always found at The Container Store! If the store is new to you, brace yourself because it’ll knock your socks off!

Store off-season clothing in vacuum seal bags. If it’s out of the season, then it should be cleaned and stashed in the vacuum bag and place either in a drawer or underneath the bed for until it’s in-season. Storing the items will create space for the clothing you would currently wear. Also, it will be easier to find clothing with the open space.

Build a capsule wardrobe with mix and match options. Have items suitable for four seasons would be the best bet! Augmented fashion helps shave the heftiness in a closet. There’s no need for many long sleeves and short sleeves. For me, I have only short-sleeve shirts that I wear with my few fall/winter sweaters to avoid bulk and clutter, plus this option saves money.

Install a second rod or rack lower in the closet. There is often wasted space beneath pants or sweaters hanging in closets.  Install a lower hanging closet rod or shelf below these items. This organizing tip can easily double the space in your closet.

Use your bedroom closet just for clothing. Do not squeeze in gym equipment, stationery boxes, dry cleaning tools, etc. in corners. Keep this space for clothing only.

Move shoes out of the closet.  Use an over the door or under bed storage container instead.


Only buy new items when you are willing to donate or sell something from your closet. There are quite a few methods to sell your items such as eBay Valet, Poshmark, Plato’s Closet, or simply donate to Goodwill. It’s tax deductible!

Apply some basic organizing tips for a small closet to make it feel larger and easier to navigate when you are looking for a great outfit to wear to your next event, work day or dinner party.

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