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Ready to eat local Atlanta? Singles, couples, and families with children can now eat extraordinary dinners at a low cost. It’s just 20 dollars minimum! There is a new, inexpensive, and healthy dinner resource in town. The best part is the food comes to you cooked and hot! Real Meal Delivery is local dinner delivery serving most of Metro Atlanta. The tagline “Made-from-scratch versions of your favorite home-cooked meals” couldn’t be a better description of the chef prepared grub. I taste the freshness and love in every bite!

Locavores, Real Meal Delivery is the real deal! Their ingredients are locally sourced produce, USDA Choice Certified Beef, USDA Grade A Pork, & Sustainable Seafood. Food is never frozen. Real Meal Delivery also considers busy working families seeking wholesome dinners that you can reliably put dinner on the table. There’re no artificial sweeteners, and no salt is added.

Real Meal Delivery is the best delivery service because:

Members-only pricing saves you up to 50% off traditional restaurants and transportation services, with the average meal for a family of four costing only $28.00.

The first 30 days of membership are FREE ($8.95 value), so you can try out the service before committing.

Membership perks include no delivery fees and no gratuity.

Real Meal Delivery provides healthy kids menus that your family will love!

You can order multiple cuisines in a single order; choose from Traditional American, Natural Lifestyles, Tex-Mex, and there’s more to come.

Eat Local Atlanta, Getting Started

The site navigation, signup, and ordering is simple, and all together can be completed in under five minutes. Well, unless you’re like me and you gawk at every food picture on the menu slowly deciding which entree is best. No worries, just grab two entrees for dinner and next day lunch! What’s truly refreshing considering this is a concierge, health conscious utility is the affordability. My boyfriend and I are stoked we’re only paying 20 dollars for top-quality ingredients!

I know I mentioned the best part earlier, but ready-to-eat meals are one of many best parts. The portions are perfect, and the variety is certainly undreamed of compared to many delivery services. There are gourmet foods for nearly every lifestyle including Natural Lifestyles, Tex-Mex, Traditional American. The entree, side, and dessert is a la carte so you can choose whichever food you crave, rather than getting an entree packaged with a blind or unappetizing side. Don’t forget dessert Real Meal Delivery has you covered! The selection is wonderful with a dessert for every palate. I plan to be a lifetime member for this food rescue service. Join and get your meal today or any weekday, but you must order before 4 PM. Signup and receive the first 30 days free! Share your Real Meal Delivery with hashtag #RealMealRealGood. Bon Appetit!


1. Enter (name/email/zip required for entry) at
2. Follow Real Meal Delivery’s social media accounts |   


Grand Prize: 1 year of dinners for a family of four (1 meal/month consisting of 4 entrees and 4 sides or desserts)

Winners will be selected at random.

Contest dates: October 23 – November 12

Official contest rules:

FTC: This feature is sponsored however all opinions are my own.

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  1. I love this idea! I’ve seen the dinner prep kits that come with ingredients and a recipe, but I never tried it out because I figured some of the ingredients might go bad before I got around to actually putting the meal together. I love this alternative because it’s the nice home-cooked meal without the effort or the wait.

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