Introducing Hartmann&Forbes Handcrafted Wood Blinds

In recent weeks, Hartmann&Forbes, Inc. announced the launch of The Artistry of Woodblinds by Hartmann&Forbes Branched collection. From the time the announcement was released, I anticipated personally viewing the covering. Not long ago, I had the chance to visit Ernest Gaspard & Associates located in the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center who offers the collection, and I must say I am impressed! I was mesmerized with the textures and rich weaves in all of the collections. Hartmann&Forbes wood blind timbers are domestically sourced and produced. The product species (segmented into collections) includes Walnut, Oak, Pine, and Linden from well-managed forests. Each lath is hand treated and displays a rich, sealed varnish. I mostly appreciate the “knotty” and/or long-grain character along with the thick density of the shades.

“Branched” Wood Blinds Debut

The imitation bark is the most distinguishing and esthetically pleasing for myself. I deem the Branched collection as the best Hartmann&Forbes Woodblind Collection thus far! The inspiration statement from Michael Jones, Hartmann&Forbes CEO, pronounces, “This winter, while meandering through the glaciated mountain expanses and plush valleys of the West, the depth of the winter revealed trees of mystical beauty. I witnessed wild branches twisting to the heavens, barks of varied textures in organic colorways, and grayish skies that showcased this unique expression. The colorful fingerprint of nature was the inspiration for our Branched Woodblind Finish.” For my part, I grasp each season and open-air observation in this collection. The Branched wood blinds is a picturesque feature in any room and faultlessly embodies every style of interior design.


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