Where is a Mixed Tile Pattern Appropriate?

Have you entered an empty room that was full of activity? When I say full of activity, I mean the design is disorderly and unbalanced! You look down and notice the room has much activity because of the floors. The surface is a decorative and mixed tile pattern. The tiles are beautiful, but you can’t help but think the pieces does not belong in the space. Here’s a list of areas which patchwork is most appropriate:

Where is a Mixed Tile Pattern Appropriate?

  1. Mud & laundry rooms: You can bring style to your gritty and wet storage area with subtle patchwork details. You may find an assortment helpful in this utility area due to the traffic. The mixed tile pattern or even slate will disguise the muck on the landing surface.
  2. Kitchen backsplash inserts: Mediterranean style or maybe Mexican inserts – it’s common to see the mosaic above the stovetop area. How’s that for a mural!
  3. Bathroom running accent band: This isn’t your typical bathroom! Decorative tiles can improve the area depending on the flair. In my opinion, mixed tile patterns such as pinwheels and colorful mosaic running accent bands beats a solid color design.
  4. Stair risers: Talk about a grand entrance! The use of mixed tile pattern along the top of a riser or the entire riser enhances the view.
  5. Waterfall/Fountain: Scenic and geometric patchwork flawlessly covers luxe fountains and waterfalls.
  6. Outdoor patio: Vivid will describe the view of the patchwork with a green and fluorescent landscape!

I’ve seen a patchwork motif in other environments such as restaurants and four walls. It can appear chaotic and stir commotion but in some instances it looks good, and it’s a landmark for the location. What do you think about these mixed tile pattern ideas and where do you prefer to see decorative patchwork?

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