25 Washi Tape Projects

25 Washi Tape ProjectsWashi tape projects are fun filled and beautifies objects. Washi Tape (also known as wasabi tape) is quite the tool for scrapbookers and planners. The decorative tape is equally friendly for do-it-yourself projects. Discover multiple techniques to adorn your articles with fabulous washi tape!

25 Washi Tape Projects

1. Washi Tape Light Switch | This Silly Girl’s Life
2. Washi Tape Bookmarks | Mommy Coddle
3. Washi Tape Recycled Jars | This Silly Girl’s Life
4. Washi Tape Composition Book | Simply Kelly Designs
5. Washi Tape iPad Cover | Blue i Style
6. Organize Chargers With Washi Tape | Shaken Together
7. Washi Tape Wooden Bracelets | Life With the Crust Cut Off
8. Washi Tape Nail Art | Hello Little Home
9. Washi Tape Outlet Covers | That’s What Che Said
10. Washi Tape Gift Tassle | Tiny Sidekick
11. Washi Tap Decorative Letter | The Crafty Blog Stalker
12. Washi Tape Cord Labels | The Bold Abode
13. Washi Tape Owl | Create Craft Love
14. Washi Tape Drink Coasters | Simply Designing
15. Washi Tape Wall Decals | Designer Trapped In a Lawyer’s Body
16. Homemade Washi Tape Bookmark | My Fruitful Home
17. Washi Tape Photo Frame | Krystal’s Kitsch
18. Washi Tape Cards | Creative House
19. Easy Washi Tape Vases | Little Red Window
20. Washi Tape Phone Case | Clever Pink Pirate
21. Washi Tape Pillow Boxes | It Happens in a Blink
22. Washi Tape Magnets | Just Us Four
23. Washi Tape Necklace | Mad in Crafts
24. Washi Tape Succulents Pots | Create Craft Love
25. Washi Tape Ornaments | Create Craft Love

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