Create Your Own Slippers

In honor of Spring season, create your own slippers! What is it about flats that make them so popular? For starters, they’re super comfy, and I totally love them for that single reason. Also, they can be classic, sporty, chic, flowery, lacy…. you get the idea. Flats are incredibly versatile, and the slipper options with no buckling and no tying involved are simplicity at it’s best. It’s a gift from above. The greatest part is, even if you have a pair of boring or worn flats that are well past their youth, you can make them look lively once again, and with very little effort. Create your own slippers with quick and easy DIY designs. I had a few old pairs, so I found some creative ways to upgrade my slippers. Take a look at all of these DIY upgraded flats and let me know which one’s your favorite! Spring into fabulosity!

Create Your Own Slippers

    1. DIY Geometric Shoe Clips | Curly Made
    2. Novelty Christmas Figgy Pudding Flats | Damask Love
    3. DIY Charlotte Olympia Kitty Cat Flats | I Am In Disguise
    4. DIY Koosh Ball Flats | I Spy DIY
    5. Painted Ballet Flat Knock Offs | Joe And Cheryl
    6. DIY Watermelon shoes | Kittenhood
    7. DIY Gold-Toe Flats | Kittenhood
    8. DIY Geometric Triangle Print Flats | Misch’s Beauty Blog
    9. DIY Sequin Cap Toe Flats | Miss Kris
    10. DIY Lace Up Flats | Nearly Krafty
    11. Customized Flat Shoes | Silayaya
    12. DIY Rhinestone Flats | The Crafted Life
    13. DIY Masked And Printed Geometric Flats | A Beautiful Mess
    14. DIY Alice + Olivia Heart Flats | Adventures In Fashion
    15. Custom Repaired TOMS | Ashley Ann Photography

16. DIY Charlotte Olympia inspired Kitty Flats | Clones N Clowns’
17. Boutique Style Flats | Flamingo Toes
18. DIY Fox Flats | Hello Luvvy
19. DIY Glitter TOMS | Lil’ Blue Boo
20. Mod Podge Shoes | Make It and Love It
21. Customizable Ballet Flats | Melissa Ting
22. DIY Leopard Lace-Up Flats | Merrick’s Art
23. Neon Flats DIY  | Paper and Stitch
24. Plain Jane Canvas Shoes Restyle | Skunk Boy Blog
25. DIY Dip Dye Ombre Ballet Flats | Swell Mayde
26. DIY Heart Flats | Swell Mayde
27. DIY Superpower Shoes | The Kipi Blog
28. DIY Embellished Loafers | The Vault Files
29. DIY Heart Shoes | Unusually Lovely
30. DIY Nutcracker-Inspired Ballet Slippers | M&J Blog

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