How to Style Winter Skirts

How to Style Winter Skirts

With tights

I absolutely adore a winter skirt and sheer tights. In order to make this look a pleasant head turner you must style it with a short circular skirt. A turtleneck, layered top, wrap top, or even pussy bow could make the entire ensemble more appealing. Bodycon skirts are acceptable too as long as it’s tasteful in the pencil style, avoid the mini and a wrap styles.

Tweed & boots

Tweed is perfect during the winter fringe, multi-colored, solid, or embellished it’s quite stunning and mature. I love tweed short or long. It’s classy and sassy.

A weekend casual styled tweed skirt w/

the cute conductor cap & over-the-knee boots.

Swing Midi (mid-calf)

I am a sucker for a swing dress especially with a longer length and knee-high boats or a petticoat if you can channel your inner vintage gal.

Faux leather & turtleneck

The ribbed turtleneck and faux leather is a stylish texture contrast. Just take a look:

similar emerald faux leather skirt

Wool blend & turtleneck

A classic winter ensemble and quite frankly one of my favorites.

Sweater skirts w/ sweaters

I love a coordinating two piece outfit. It reminds me of a Beverly Hills stylista. I particularly love sweater skirts with the matching top. The perfect sweater skirt is an a-line flowy bottom and not too heavy with the reliable elastic band. The bodycon sweater skirt that’s typically knee length in winter style is also quite fashionable and best styled with the coordinating top and trench coat.

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