How to Style Corduroy and Plaid this Fall

Corduroy and plaid are vintage fashion pieces that are most common during the Fall and as for plaid throughout the holidays and winter. For years both patterns appeared to be retired and were replaced with crushed velvets, shimmer, and knits, now corduroy and autumn plaid have made a comeback, and the old-timey styles have gained a strong recovery.

You’ve probably seen corduroy as a jacket or two-piece, jumper/overalls or even pants. As for plaid, it’s broadly popular in the design of a sweater, cardigan, and accessories but also suitable as a dress or blouse. Although I must admit, I do not prefer it in those forms. Let’s explore the many ways you can dress corduroy and plaid this harvest season.

How to Style Corduroy this Season

Corduroy is very chic as bootcut pants, overalls, and a jacket. If you decided to go with a corduroy jacket, a vintage garb would be the perfect look. A nostalgic corduroy with wool interior lining jacket would pair perfectly with washed bootcut jeans and a striped, muted tone top. The bootcut corduroy pants are particularly beautiful in rich hues that will show that glossy texture and sheen. I deem the corduroy bootcut would look great with a chenille sweater which is also commonly seen as a vibrant hue and gives a smooth, velvety texture and sheen. Lastly, the corduroy overalls are all the craze this season and picked up a bit last season. I love the corduroy overalls as skirts! They’re flirty and styles well as a casual, romantic look. My ensemble of choice is a flowy, off-the-shoulders and semi-sheer blouse. I adore this top because of its shapeless structure and the self-tie opening. The overalls paired are button-front that’s A-line skirt inspired and clinches the waist puffing out the blouse causing a dreamy appearance. I finished the look with cognac faux-suede knee-high boots and a sophisticated felted wool hat with a faux leather band around the perimeter.

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How to Style Autumn Plaid

Plaid has its limitations with me. It’s darling in children’s clothes, and I love tartan wrapping and décor especially on the tabletop, but I draw the line with plaid, pleated dresses, tops as they tend to resemble holiday pajamas or is reminiscent to a lumberjack’s attire, and footwear. I do adore a splash of plaid as accessories and trims such as bows, pockets, cuffs, and scarfs. I fancy a tartan skirt too. I also see it as accents on sweaters in lettering and the frontal part of a Christmas sweater. I couldn’t deny the simple, Southern-like charm of my autumn, plaid cardigan. It’s sleeveless and curves just where my hips are, so it accentuates my figure. The wrap style cardigan also has an extended opening that ruffles and I like it ruffled ? I paired the orange, rust, beige, and pine green plaid with plum purple pants and brown booties. Of course the mustard yellow knit top was necessary to complete to fall scrub color scheme.

Tell me how you like to dress corduroy and plaid down below. Have you gone mad with plaid this year or enjoy corduroy? Let’s hear.

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