Dress Your Silhouette for Prom and Cocktail Party Season

Prom dresses and seasonal cocktail dresses come in four basic styles with slight variations in cut and drape. Dress your silhouette for prom and cocktail party season with these gorgeous frocks:

Dress Your Silhouette for Prom and Cocktail Party Season

Ball Gown

This dress has a seamed waist, and it sometimes consists of two pieces. The skirt is full, and the bodice is fitted. Ball gown prom dresses suit girls who have pear-shaped or hourglass figures. The full skirt and rigid waistline highlight the upper body while diminishing thighs and hips.

Empire Gown

The waistline of an empire gown is just below the bust. The long skirt flares from the waistline. An empire prom dress defines a high waistline, minimizes thickness in the hips and stomach and flows gracefully down the entire body. An empire gown lifts and shapes the bust and is ideal for maximizing small breasts.


A-Line Gown

The A-Line gown is quite similar to the ball gown, with a couple of exceptions. The skirt of an A-line dress is not as full as that of a ball gown, and the waist is seamless. A-line gowns are very popular as prom dresses because the style looks great on all types of figures.


A sheath has a seamless waist and a tight-fitting silhouette that clings tightly to the body. Thin, petite girls look great in a sheath. This silhouette style shows off a lithe, graceful body perfectly and is perfect for showing off curves.

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  1. Oh man! I wish I had read this back when I was getting ready for Prom. Finding a dress can be a frustrating experience.

    xo, Elizabeth // txelizabeth.com

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