Atlanta’s Best Pie

It’s two weeks post-holiday extravaganzas which we all attended for the grub. While you were decorating then devouring a gingerbread man, spiking your eggnog, hunting for the best hot cocoa (been there, done that), then popping Moët (Happy New Year). I was sipping my Jitter Joe’s Coffee and shamelessly cutting slices of Atlanta’s best pie! I wasn’t completely guilt-ridden because these local pies are baked with natural ingredients and of course love, so my least concern was packing on the pounds. If you need to get through the post-holiday blues, this pie will warm your heart.

Atlanta’s Best Pie

Southern Baked Pie Company is the name of the shop supplying Atlanta’s best pie. I know you were thinking the same as me, the best pie recipe lies in a secret chamber at your granny’s home. Southern Baked Pie Company makes me question every ingredient my granny has ever used in her pies… in her pastries period (okay I’m going too far). I was set to sail on bliss when I tasted the pecan pie. I’ll let you in on a tidbit about me, I disliked pecans and cringed when I saw them in pies. The math didn’t add up for me, pecans + pie = yummy no bueno. I visited Southern Baked Pie Company with my fellow foodies, and we were offered the pecan tassies. I’m a polite person, so I don’t turn down food even if I truly disapprove. Thank goodness I indulged in a tassie because it’s the best I’ve experienced with any pie, ever!

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Southern Baked Pie Company was capable of changing my interest in pecan pie. A mission my family has acceptable ever holiday I can remember. No one has ever convinced me pecans were worth using in any recipe especially a whole pie. Needless to say, the lovely lady behind the counter (Autumn) gave a short spiel, I tasted, a moment of ecstasy happened, then I overindulged without a single care. The moment of truth took place when someone in my camp arrived and voiced she too is not a pecan lover. I assured her I could relate, but this isn’t the average pecan pie. She sampled and was swooning with the rest. 2 of 2 skeptics turned fans. Southern Baked Pie Company is indeed Atlanta’s best pie.

Local & Near You…

The story of the decadent pies is the shop expanded out of its original location. Which is still open in Gainesville, Georgia. Then hello Alpharetta, Georgia and now Buckhead Atlanta is graced with the sweet presence of homestyle savory and sweet pies with many flavors. Southern Baked Pie Company utilizes seasonal fresh fruit from local Georgia farmers and businesses. No doubt if you’re a locavore or have a sweet tooth you should endure this sugary shop. It’s perfect for dessert, birthdays, holidays, and just because. You can treat yourself and grab a fresh, readily available personal size pie. Visit one of the three locations near you today and experience the journey to sugary paradise.

Special thanks to Autumn Nguyen for hosting Atlanta Foodies (and Festivals) Meetup.

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