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The usual cocktail and hookah lounges are tiresome. Specifically, the luxe lounge and shisha bar outings are completely unoriginal. Traditionally, you’d grab a somewhat impressive drink and dance with the ladies, but there is more to meet if you seek the code. The best Lounge in Atlanta is smooth and easy, but it’s Members Only. I’m referring to a speakeasy spot that you’ve probably passed many times while in the Fairlie-Poplar district. However, its discreteness made you think short of the Red Phone Booth.

Speakeasy spots are growing establishments. Thus far none have been done like Atlanta’s very own blind tiger imitation. The Red Phone Booth is faithful to the Prohibition era by maintaining secrecy and requiring a secret code for entrance. Although it might be pretty difficult to experience this unarguably best lounge in Atlanta, if you dig deep you might strike gold and become one of few to taste the craftiest cocktails for many miles.

Why the Best Lounge in Atlanta

Entering this establishment takes you back many decades. The smell of full-bodied cigars hits your nose and after a while, it’s quite comforting. The experience does not end, woody and toasted notes are sensed. Once you’re settled and prepared to unwind, you’ll notice a long menu of ripe fruit, licorice, and smoky drink recipes. Don’t get too comfortable on that brandy colored leather couch because the work behind the bar is a sight to see. At the Red Phone Booth, the Prohibition cocktail culture has been channeled immaculately! The character of the bartenders and the making and mixing is a moment you’ll remember. The rocks in the glasses are hand carved from ice blocks, and the berries are freshly squeezed not premixed processed syrups. The Red Phone Booth can be deemed the best cocktail lounge in Atlanta for this reason alone. However, we’ll keep it at the best lounge in Atlanta and might I add the best cigar lounge due to the wide range of Havana products.

The finale is the food. Nibbles with this distinction are impossible to describe. Just take a look at the photographs below, is this not fit for a king? My favorite was the beef carpaccio with the briny capers. If you’re a lover of marine food, the mollusk served are giant oysters delivered from the North West coast. At last the entire Amalfi Pizza menu is offered to guests. Be the envy of your colleagues and friends and score a membership or invitation to the best lounge in Atlanta. You will not be disappointed.

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Service Type
Food service
Provider Name
Red Phone Booth,
17 Andrew Young International Blvd NE,Atlanta,GA-30303,
Telephone No.(404) 228-7528
Discover the best lounge in Atlanta especially for cocktails and cigars.

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  1. Great post, I love the red phone box, you don’t see them around very often anymore I live in the UK and I can remember seeing them everywhere when I was a child, it brings back lots of memories. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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