Fall Cleaning Checklist

Autumn arrives with howling, crisp wind and vibrant vibes. Along the way, the season’s enchantment arrives with responsibilities for your home. As much as you may enjoy the boxy, woodland at your front door, it requires maintenance. Here’s a fall cleaning checklist to prepare for the shift.

Fall Cleaning Checklist

 Mulch the Leaves: Leaves are a big role in the ecosystem. Mulching is the alternative to raking leaves, and it will allow you to continue a natural habitat. A mulching lawn mower will reduce the leaf clutter. The reduced leaves will eventually decompose. Apparently, mulched leaves act as a natural fertilizer and weed control agent.

Clean the Gutters: Rain gutters and downspouts that are not properly maintained may result in buildup and further complications.  Check the gutters and remove the growth to prevent clogging and worse.

Sealants: Seal the porous exterior tiles to prevent cracking during the wet season. Also, caulk those interior gaps to the outdoors to prevent entrance from critters.

Pest Control: Keep away possible harmful pest looking for shelter. Apply hydrogenated lime and powder sulfur around the perimeter of your home.

Loose Shingles: Have your roof inspected for loose shingles and other roof issues that may result in leaks.

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