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Hey young world, hello belles welcome yet another Atlanta blogger! I’m excited that you’re here to support my blog! I started this blog since I find writing therapeutic, and I’d like to inform and inspire other women surrounding organized and home and living. Not only am I passionate about home and living but I also adore fashion, southern eats, and socializing, so I decided to create a lifestyle blog.

You’re probably wondering what qualifies me as a home and living contributor and Atlanta blogger. Well, I have nearly two years in the kitchen and bath design industry and I’ve worked with local interior designers, drafters, and general contractors to deliver projects. By no means am I an interior designer, but like most women I can coordinate and achieve a style. Including fashion. Hell, I’ll toot my own horn… I’m stylish!

another atlanta blogger… lifestyle… nitty-gritty…

I am southern bred and born. Most people wouldn’t consider my accent very southern, but my mannerism is very southern (no I don’t carry a handkerchief or prayer cloth in my pocketbook). My family is from the heart of Atlanta, but I was mostly raised in Middle Georgia.

I don’t have children so you won’t read much about my family. My immediate family is 3 siblings (1 sister & 2 brothers), grandma, and mama. All other members of my family are spread across the state and next-door (Alabama).

If you’d like to know more about me comment with your burning questions, or subscribe to gain more details as I post. If you have a home and living subject you’d like me to post about contact me. It’s also perfectly fine to say hi and introduce yourself!



another Atlanta Blogger

About Me

Beauty pet peeve: untrimmed eyebrows

Random pet peeve: bumper stickers on luxury & exotic cars! TACKY!

I can’t live without… My clarisonic mia 2 (oily skin problems)

My biggest food dislike: hmm… dressing, haven’t even given it a chace

My dream destination: English or French Countryside

Favorite cuisine: Mediterranean

My designer covet: Tom Ford & Balmain

Silly wish… for pizza delivery cars to have sirens ??

Where’s Waldo? Sunbathing on Venice Beach.

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Nickname Abby, Pop-culturess, ATLien (FILA), rookie Foodie, high heels collector, diet backslider, breakfast food aficionado, latte-chugger, ‘90s Nickelodeon & Disney lover, & leisure enthusiast.

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