5 Trendy Natural Hair Styles

Whether you have always worn your hair naturally, or this is a new desire, here are some popular natural hair styles for Black natural hair that any hair type (4A, 4B, 4C) can use to their advantage. Caring for your hair and letting its natural beauty shine through is a great way to show pride in your natural beauty.

5 Trendy Natural Hair Styles

Bantu Knots. I adore this trend! It may not look comfortable to wear asleep, but when you’re rocking this stylish do, you naturally sleep pretty1. The process isn’t very lengthy and complicated, and in my opinion, does not require a lot of skills (hint to my ladies lacking the crafty hands ability). Shampoo & condition, section, lotion, twist, coil, and pin… Voilà! You have a knot. The best part is the luscious, lasting curls you receive after the knots are untied. Win! Get the specifics here.

Frohawk. I love the essence of chic and free! That’s the look the noted frohawk exudes. This style can be edgy or glam. Model the voluminous curly top courtesy of volume spray and sport the bottom half with cornrows or smoothed. Easy! WARNING Excessive bobby pins may be needed 🙂

’90s Half Updo. You know exactly what I’m talking about, the front half is is a ponytail or tied and the rest is down and free. It’s a bit elementary, but for a lazy afternoon it’s a simple style.

Two Strand Twist. This natural hair style is the icon of the natural hair movement! I love this signature style because it’s versatile. Once you’ve sectioned your hair and divide the section then twist and complete, the possibilities are endless. You can pull the twists back or the usual, allow it to fall freely. Once you’re ready to untwist, your natural hair will reveal a beautiful, full curl.

Flat Twist Out. No tells it better than Mini Marley. This style is twisted on the scalp (like cornrow)… so there’s a (subtle) difference between the two strand twist out, you’ll see when you watch the video!

Use these trendy natural hair styles to create a beautiful look that is classic, classy and shows off your curls and style wonderfully.

1Sleep Pretty (verb): To lay in dainty position while in slumber. 


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