My Preferred Stress Relief Techniques

MY PREFERRED STRESS RELIEF TECHNIQUESToday marks ten days since my site launched, and I confess, my first week was very chaotic. On the other hand, it was exciting to be in the midst of implementation. I have remained awake well past my bedtime to develop a functional and appealing site, and it’s achieved (thank goodness)! Now that I have completed my development I am yearning a well rest and peace of mind. I took a day trip to Blue Ridge, GA to unwind and the mountains certainly helped relieve my stress. Nevertheless, I came home and what I left behind hit me at once. To manage my stress, I compiled some stress relief techniques I have practiced in the past for relaxation and well-being.

Must-try Stress Relief Techniques

Tea. I am not much of a tea enthusiast as I’m loyal to particular brands, and I consume the same flavors. However tea is in my daily regimen, and I enjoy it for the health and wellness benefits including relaxation. I adore chamomile tea because it’s calming and caffeine-free. Its purpose is for anti-anxiety and it does its job well! There’s also a Yogi Kava Stress Relief Tea I enjoy. Also, try the a gift to melt away stress.

Aromatherapy bath. Aroma baths are best with bath salt or essential oil. My personal preference is essential oil because I’d rather not lay on coarse grains of salt. The essential oil I find soothing is sandalwood. The fragrance is delicate and sweet and behaves well with the mind, spirit, and skin.

Linen spray. Almost everyone sleeps well with clean linen, but the results are better with linen spray. I use lavender linen spray for better sleep. Be careful when selecting or making your linen spray. I usually look for labels that read “made with 100% pure oil” or “all natural.”

White Noise Machine. This sleep-aid device may just produce white noise but may also produce other sounds such as rain, waterfall, etc. I relax to this machine or an extensive sound/playlist.

Meditation. Harmony comes from inside, so I feel much better when I reflect and recite my positive mantra. If you meditate that you’re at peace, you’ll eventually feel it.

Altogether, these techniques are useful for wellness. Give it a try with your favorite self-care products. If you have a chosen technique or product, name it.


Disclaimer: This blog post is for informational purposes only and is not professional stress management advice. This is only intended to dispatch a personal experience. Please consult a qualified healthcare professional for personalized stress management advice. 

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